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So, one of my most favorite games ever is Rampage. I loved destroying buildings, eating people and punching my friends in the face. Who does not enjoy doing all of those things in the safety of the digital world as a pixalated monster. Today I had the opportunity to play Rex  Wrecks which is currently being devloped by Klabater .  At the moment, you can not play this game but trust me it is one to keep an eye out for.

The simple premise is that you are a T-Rex who has been awoken  by aliens and regardless of human or alien presence, you are going to wreck everything in sight as it is all to blame for disturbing your slumber. Let's face it, whether you are a very ancient clumbering dinosaur metaphorically or digitally, being woken from a great sleep is enough to make anyone go wreck a few city blocks. The game does not take itself too seriously which is so important for fun games like this. The building fly across the screen when they are  run into, bouncing around in a soccer ball like manner. The aliens and hybrid monsters you fight are clever in design and draw on the immagination of the 20 man crew Klabater has in their ranks.

Oh I forgot to mention, it will be a co-op multiplayer with different modes to change up the game play as well as different abilities and costumes. Trust me the concept  animation art for the very dapper top hat trex is  wonderful.  In my opinion this would be a great party game as well as the erfect thing to play after a long day at work where you want to destroy something but you don't want to have to put too much effort into the digital destruction.  

It was great getting to talk to the guys about this game and the other games they have in the pipeline. Keep an eye on Klabater!


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February 23, 2020 April 5, 2018 Cosplay Convention Center Blog Posting Rex Wrecks

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