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Benjamin Santos

Hello, my name is Benjamin Santos and I am the founder of Cosplay Convention Center. I began attending conventions about 5 years ago and quickly became hooked on attending them. The combination of talented individuals paired with the welcoming, fun atmosphere instantly made me want to attend more events. Like many of you who have ventured into attending multiple conventions, whether for fun or for business, I heard a common observation from everyone I spoke with. Regardless of whether they were a con-organizer, con-attendee, merchant, artist, cosplayer or guest; everyone said there should be an easier way to discover conventions. I sought to take the idea one step further and bring the conventions as well as the people who attend them onto one simple to use, ad free, click bait free, clean site. One Site to Find Them All - Cosplay Convention Center was born in my mind and officially launched on February 29th of 2016. Gerry Shannon and I are the two-man team behind it but we are backed by an amazingly supportive and diverse group of individuals who are directly involved in conventions at all levels. Many of these individuals can be found within our Merchants section and the input they have provided on the project has made the site what it is today. I hope you enjoy using the site to discover conventions as well as the Merchants (Vendors, Artists, Writers, Professional Cosplayers) who attend them. There are over 30 different themes to help you discover the conventions you want to attend. If you are interested in being included on Cosplay Convention Center, we would be happy to add you!

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Thanks for learning a little more about us, enjoy the site! #conventionsarewaiting

Ben Santos

Gerry Shannon

The database manager and webmaster who turns my concepts into digital reality. Gerry and I met in November of 2015 when we were introduced by a mutual friend. Over the course of lunch he became hooked on the idea of Cosplay Convention Center. It is a true joy collaborating with him on this project. His contributions on the back and front end have helped mold the site into what it is today. Many a night we found ourselves awake talking on the phone while tweaking the site and realizing it was the early hours and sleep might be needed.

You can have a beautifully designed site with a lightweight CMS custom built to your website needs. With a Bachelor's degree in theatre, a Master's in computer science and being a con goer himself, he understands the needs of a con while bringing creativity and programming know how to the table. Email Gerry for more details.

Things Gerry can offer ...

A Custom CMS
  • Database Driven
  • No need to know HTML or any coding
  • Website updates from your phone (Responsive design)
  • Never need plugins (they bog down your site)

Delightful Website
  • Looks great on Mobile (Responsive Design)
  • Fantastic SEO
  • Loads Quickly (lightweight elements)
  • User friendly
  • Elegant design concepts

Added fun features could also be included (Easter Eggs and the like)

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Gerry's Resume.

Gerry Shannon