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Mega Morning or How I Got to PAX East 2018



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Greetings fellow convention attendees, I thought I would be blogging mostly about videogames this weekend but I will open with something almost nearly as important, a blog about getting to the convention. Since we live in the United States and not Europe, our train options are sadly limited, at least mine are since I live in Maine. However we do have a decent bus system and when I want to get to a convention out of state I utilize it and I recommend it. No I'm not getting paid for this but Concord and Peter Pan business have taken good care of me as recently as this weekend. Let's talk about this morning, when I started my day by oversleeping, and missing my bus. Now like most congoers we are frugal, not because we want to be but because it is expensive to go to consumer. I had utilized Megabus which I've used before to shave a few more dollars off my bus ticket. Imagine my delight when I discovered there was no way to convert the ticket to a later bus or get any refund of any kind. Now I do not blame Megabus for me over sleeping but I think it's important to share my conversation via phone with them.

Me: I explain what happened, ask if they can do anything to help.

Megabus: we can sell you a new ticket

Me: do I get a refund? Credit? Partial credit? Anything?

Megabus: no. It will be $37

Me: uhm I'll call Concord thanks.

Now when you buy a ticket through Concord guess what, they don't care if you miss the bus, just get on the next one. Oh and in this case, the ticket I bought this morning directly from them was only $24 not $37 from Megabus.

So fellow congoers, buyer beware when hunting deals, if you go Megabus don't miss your bus.


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