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Granite State Comicon 2016

  A reminder of why I love conventions

Granite Con Cosplay

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I would like to start by apologizing for the tardiness of this article and no I am not the amazing Devastator cosplay (if you know who it is please let me know so I can give him credit, I never got his name).

If you have never been to Granite State Comicon, you certainly should correct that in 2017. I am not blaming you, perhaps you didn't know or were just busy with some other event but New Hampshire does hots one of the best conventions I have attended. Each year I have gone I have enjoyed myself and things were done really well this year. One great thing was that the volunteers knew what was going on and where to send people. Usually this is one area where a lot of conventions struggle and its understandable, the more moving parts, the more challenging the operation. Granite Con does not have any of these issues. People directing traffic combined with a clear lay out and tape to keep the lines organized means that everyone was able to easily attend the events they wanted to see. 

Saturday Morning I arrived and although there was a line, it was inside and atteendees, staff and cosplayers alike were in good sprits. The vendor room was full and offered a multi genre selection of items from vintage to freshly 3d printed. It was great to see old friends as well as new and although busy, it did not feel like you were being trampled or rushed through the room. The room also had the artists and the works on display were fantastic as always. 

One great part about the Radisson Hotel where Granite State Comicon is held is the front yard. There is an amazing area for taking pictures and the cosplayers as well photographers take full advantage of it and the beautiful weather the day offered. Just to the left of the gathering area, which is quite spacious, were two food trucks which offered a diverse lunch option. The rest of the Radisson is also used to its full venue potential with multiple spaces for everything from panel discussions to magic shows. 

I had a wonderful time attending and hope to see you there next year, feel free to tell them Cosplay Convention Center sent you and keep an eye out for me, oh and Devastator, stole the show for me. 

Granite State Comic Con 2017

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