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So, what is this eBooth thing you announced?

eBooth, is your small business’s presence on Cosplay Convention Center.

Why should my small business have a presence on Cosplay Convention Center? I thought you just helped me discover conventions.

We do help you and everyone discover conventions, having an eBooth allows us to help your small business be discovered by the very same people who are looking for conventions, currently over 30K people.

I’ve paid for social media ads and I have business cards. The returns have been questionable at best, what makes you different?

  • A few things, let me start with cost, an eBooth is $40/year or $4/month. I am sure that is cheaper than your last social media ad buy or business card order. eBooths can’t fall out of someone’s pocket or go through the wash like a business card; 24/7 - 365 days a year they are online ready to be discovered by people who want to find you.
  • eBooth can do more than a business card by featuring: Name, a Bio, Website(s), Social Media Links, Merchant Categories, Images, Video, and Convention Itinerary in comprehensive manner.
  • How often are you asked, what shows will you be attending? eBooths allow you to enter the conventions you are attending so people know where to see you. No one else online offers a link feature which adds your small business automatically to the corresponding convention in our database. When someone discovers a convention, they get to see all the eBooth Exhibitors that are attending that convention. Convention goers can discover you before even showing up at the convention.
  • Cosplay Convention Center wants to help you capture the oh so precious after convention sale. Our Archive search option allows people to look up a convention they went to and see all the eBooth Exhibitors who were there. If they lost your business card or can’t recall the name of your business, don’t sweat it, Archive makes it easy for them to discover you once again.
  • The eBooth tab on the home page allows users to browse the Vendor_Room, Artist_Alley, Entertainer_Stage, Photographer_Studio, Writer’s_Loft & Cosplay_Corner to discover your eBooth.

Is there anything else I should know about the eBooth or about Cosplay Convention Center?

Cosplay Convention Center was born from an idea coupled with a passion to create something like nothing else online. One big piece you may notice on the site is the total lack of ads, pop-ups, and click bait. There is nothing flashing in your face with neon lights screaming for your attention. Taking this approach was a conscious decision on our part, using a lot of input from a lot of great people, Gerry and myself went about building a site that should, and now does exist. An eBooth is designed to be mutually beneficial arrangement. Your small business gets traffic and a marketing solution, not exposure, with an audience that wants to see you for a price that we feel won’t break your budget. Your eBooth in turn, makes it possible to run Cosplay Convention Center, pay the bills, continue upgrading and improving the features on the site. Cosplay Convention Center has come a very long way in just under a year, just think where it will be in another.

One Site to Find Them All – Come be part of it, get your  eBooth today!


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