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  How it all began

Bud as Dr Who with Dalek

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               One evening, last summer, I arrived home and found myself staring at my collectibles, missing one convention and anxiously awaiting what was going to be my first trip to Boston Comic Con. As I organized and sorted them for what must have been the hundredth time my mind kept wandering to something my dad had said. He had just attended his first convention as Dr. Who (William Hartnell) the original you might say, as he loved to put it; and he had become hooked on cosplay and conventions after just one. What he had said was something that had been said and shared by many, simply put, there needed to be a better way to discover conventions. I knew I agreed with the opinion but something interesting happened that night, I decided to do something about it. In a flurry of about twenty minutes, I had sold a collectible and I was the now the proud owner of Four days later I started cold pitching my fledgling idea to merchants at Boston Comic Con and received overwhelming encouragement of the idea.


                I’ve been working on the project since last August but the site itself has been officially up for just over three months and has over 650 conventions in its database. It’s free to use, not buried under ads and pop ups, and my business partner Gerry Shannon has brought my mental image into digital reality. The entire project has been done on a shoestring budget and the challenges that presents have just made us even more committed to the project. The input we have gotten from convention organizers, vendors, artists, writers, and convention attendees has been amazing and has helped shape the site into what it is today. Discovering conventions is important, it is important to people like my dad, it is important to the conventions who need people to know about them and it is important to the amazingly talented individuals who table in the Vendor Room and Artist Alleys. Cosplay Convention Center is committed to being One Site to Find Them All. The first ten months have been amazing, just wait and see what we have coming up next! 

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May 23, 2024 May 23, 2024 Cosplay Convention Center Blog Posting Rex Wrecks

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