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Cake with Principal Strickland


Cake with Principal Strickland

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            This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending NorthEast Comic Con for the first time. The convention wasn’t a bad drive from Auburn, Maine where I live. There were plenty of signs marking the way when you got off the pike in Massachusetts. As much as I love technology, nothing beats bright, easy to see signs. Parking was a breeze and so was getting into the convention. The Shriner’s Auditorium in Wilmington, MA is perfect for a convention. Plenty of room for all of the vendors, areas for the larger displays near the back, and even a lounge area to sit and catch your breath. One of my favorite parts from walking around was never feeling cramped or that people were bumping into me. I was not in cosplay but if I had been I would have appreciated the use of space. The lines were also well managed and people quickly and efficiently got their autographs from what I saw.

           NorthEast Comic Con has a very diverse vendor room. I loved that there was everything from comics, to records, to mask makers, and plenty of talented artists. One thing which I was happy to see was there did not appear to be an over saturation of any one type of product and when there were similar products they felt spaced out correctly.

           One of the best characters from Back to The Future is one who has some of the fewest lines, Principal Strickland (James Tolkan) and he was one of the guests at Northeast Comic Con. James is a delightful individual and his QA was a real joy to attend. It is always inspiring to hear someone who set their mind to something and accomplished it the way they wanted to do it. Unlike the characters he is so well known for, James is an approachable kind individual who is only too happy to talk about his experiences, the importance of good writing and directing, and share his surprise birthday cake with his fans. Unbeknownst to Principal Strickland, NorthEast Comic Con had planned to and presented him with a cake for his Birthday which stated Happy Birthday from all your Slackers. Us slackers, not wanting to be outdone of course, joined in by singing a terribly off key and out of sync rendition of Happy Birthday. The cake, unlike our singing skills, was wonderful.                  

           I only spent one day at NorthEast Comic Con but I could easily spend two and I’d say if you are looking for a diverse convention which has plenty to offer without being overwhelming it is one worth checking out. 


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