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Hello and welcome to our profile!  We started our company in November 2015 after attending a few local comic cons and events. Being huge Doctor Who fans we were surprised that there was not a vendor that was solely Doctor Who. In November we took the leap of faith and started building our business with just 10 items from one wholesaler. A year later we now carry over 400 items and have over 20 places that we source for Licensed Doctor Who product.  In June of 2016, we added a huge new part of our traveling pop-up shop when we brought our OOD into the fold. Since then we have added; A male and Female Clockwork droid, Empty child, Cassandra, Weeping Angle, Handles and, Madam Vestra ( with more being built on a regular basis)  We are currently booked for over 20 appearances in the 2017  but are always looking for new opportunities! If you have an event that you are holding and looking for a Doctor Who vendor or looking to book Life Size Doctor Who props please feel free to contact us VIA our website! 

Upcoming Event  What we will have going on
FingerLakes Comic Con 2017 Vending and some props
Con GT 2017 Vending and Full Wibbily Wobbly Timey Wimey Experience 
Regeneration Who 2017 Vending only 
The Greater Philadelphia Comic Con 2017 Vending and Some Props
Wholanta 2017 Vending and Wibbily Wobbly Timey Wimey Experience Scavenger hunt
Tidewater Comic Con 2017 Vending Only
Flower City Comic Con 2017  Vending and Some Props 
Awesome Con 2017 Vending and full Wibbily Wobbly Timey WImey Experience Debut of "Tea with Madam"
Time Lord Expo 2017 Vending and Full Wibbily wobbly Timey Wimey Experience Debut of 2 new props
Time Eddy 3 (2017) Vending and Full Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Experience  Scavenger hunt

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