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There came a point in my life where I simply could not punch a clock any longer. I wanted to do something creative and interesting. That is why I started Luminous Obscurity.
I struggle with the term artist or crafter. I consider myself more of a maker. Like many fans, I draw my inspiration from the things I, and my family, enjoy. From nature to Sci-Fi, comics to anime, the subject matter I use are things that I truly like. I work diligently to showcase the items I make in a format that is new, surprising, and innovative. I love creating things in light and shadow as well as creating whimsical pieces with bright, vibrant colors.
My work is all handmade (by me) and consists of mixed media "geek" themed art, home décor, and jewelry. These include Faux Stained Glass (Original and Fan Art), Papercut Lightbox (Original and Fan Art), Layered Paper Art (Original and Fan Art), Bookmarks (Original and Fan Art), Miniature Dice Necklaces, Mini Dice Bracelets, Mini Dice Earrings, Comic Themed Earrings, Necklaces, & Keychains (Dice and Art).


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