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HURR AND MADD - Cosplay Musical Group

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 Hurr and Madd is a high-energy cosplay fantasy music group that perform songs and stories from their original episodic book and soundtrack series.  Their sound is a blend between DJ spins, electro-pop and alternative vocals, creating a live movie-like experience.  Hurr and Madd has been apart of several cosplay conventions, college events, and fits well with anyone with an eclectic ear.

 The book series is about two people from two different worlds falling into a dimension devoid of color.  In this dimension, color is forbidden.   When they arrive, they are forced to make the binary choice between Enslavement or Damnation! 

As the story moves along, you will find hidden treasures of our music that is meant to accompany the emotion and moment of a particular character and scene.  Each episode comes with unique songs that we created to bring the story to life.  This new creative innovation will take you on an imaginary and sonic journey.   Think of it as a movie and soundtrack in your mind.  As you read each episode, you will see a notation of which songs fall into the scene, this is where you play the song. 
This is the Hurr and Madd experience.




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