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Goode Stuff Entertainment presents "Uncle Pengy!"

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"[The Penguin] gave up the nightclubs and now runs a day care center. He's just doing it for the kids. They call him 'Uncle Pengy'." — Paul Dini, on what became of The Penguin in the Batman Beyond future

I do a loving homage to Burgess Meredith's 60's TV version of DC Comics' iconic villain, The Penguin, and am probably the most TV-accurate version out there, at least on the West Coast. I've also done a steampunk take on the character. Thus far I've been a featured cosplayer & special guest judge at several cons in Southern California. I'm available for: Host/emcee, events, parties, video greetings, voice-over and more!

In the near future I will also be adding John Hammond (Jurassic Park) and Coach Mickey (Rocky series) to my "livery" of cosplay characters.

What others have said:

"In a world ... where the main Batman villain is Harley and Joker, it is refreshing to see someone do The Penguin this much justice." — Eric Burrow, owner of Supercheese Comics & Collectibles, Bakersfield

"The best! ... [He] stayed in character; that impressed me the most. No matter what he said, what he did ... He was 100%." — Aaron Berholtz, contestant from SyFy's "Cosplay Melee"

"This guy's awesome." — Jared C. Lawson, of The Gaming Spot and Canoodle Studios

“You're a terrific Penguin! Thanks so much for joining our cast!“ - Cathleen Myers, Artistic Director of the Period Events & Entertainments Re-Creation Society (PEERS), San Francisco, CA

“Uncle Pengy is everyone’s favorite uncle!” — Lisa Vaca, Event Planner for San Diego Steampunk

“What a cool thing you are doing! Please keep up the great work!” — Burgess Meredith’s grand-daughter Annie



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