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Elf ear chart


Lifelike Silicone Costume Ears, Props and Pop Culture Items

classic elf earsclassic with nettlebaneZelda style earsfaerie ears

Geek-girl artist Jacqueline Whalen designs, sculpts and casts silicone elf ears, character ears and prosthetics for cosplay, larping and anime costuming. Silicone is longerlasting than latex and amazingly lifelike and its perfect for anyone with latex allergies. Ear tips made in silicone are waterproof and extremely comfortable.

We have a selection of cosplay props and display worthy fan art, most cast in solid resin and painted and weathered using acrylics. We are slowly adding to our collection which you can checkout in our online store where you can order directly from us Geekling Creations.




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