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Skin-tone chart
hobbit ears


Super Life-like Silicone Elf Ears

Character Ears & FX

by Jacqueline Whalen

                           faerie ears

Affordable quality and comfort in prosthetic ears and fx for costuming, cosplay or theatrical use. These fabulous elf ears are designed for realism as well as comfort. Each and every pair is individually hand painted for an amazingly life-like effect
Our ears are meant to be worn and enjoyed over and over again. Compare them to any other prosthetic elf ears available and you will notice the difference.
All of our elf ears and prosthetics are cast in pure silicone so they are also safe for those with latex allergies.
Elf ears & FX are available in several stock skin-tones as well as fantasy colors (such as green or gray for example) and color match (can match your skin-tone or a particular shade of makeup). They can be blended with just about any type of makeup whether it is theatrical makeup or regular cosmetics in cream form. Colors displayed in the skin-tone photo are stock colors 1-6, very fair to deep brown.
You can checkout in our online store to see our full line of elf ears, character ears & FX: Geekling Creations.

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