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Garb the World Made in USA Costumes and Accessories

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Elf or Vulcan ears
steampunk googles
viking saxon pins
Plague Doctor


Garb the WorldGarb the World is a small internet business that has been around since 1999 ish and specializes in custom-made historical and fantasy clothing. Costumes are stitched here in the USA and stitchers are paid a living wage. We use as many American-made fabric and accessories as we can.

We have hundreds of items that can be custom-made to your specifications and we can do some deviations to suit your needs. We have many types of fabrics and trims.

We have a full product line of our most popular items already stitched and ready to ship within days of ordering. Tunics, pants, cloaks, robes, sashes, cowls, kilts and more.

We also carry a full line of historical shoes from over a dozen time periods.

We carry lots of costume accessories such as elf/Vulcan ears, steampunk goggles, plague masks, fur paws.

Our costumes are stitched to be worn as regular clothing, we supply habits (monks robes) to several religious organizations. Our clothing has been found in movies, theatres, operas, and the grim reaper outside a torture museum in Amsterdam is wearing one of our robes. Our order sizes range from 1 item to 500+

Our main website has listings for all our custom-made costumes and we have a page for our in stock, readymade items. Many of our accessories are only found in our Etsy store With Etsy we can offer better shipping rates on lighter objects.


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