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Cheeky Monkey Nerdom's current primary range products include stylish and chic clutches, each designed to represent a cool superhero character. She also has some fun character pouches in nerdy themes. There are also several different styles of dice bags. We will be expanding out line with more stylish nerdy gifts and items. All of this can be found on or on the Cheeky Monkey Nerdom etsy shop.

Erin is a seamstress and cosplayer living in Maine. She has been a seamstress since 2010 and has been a nerd since birth. Starting in the theater world, she found her passion for sewing and creating and that has followed her since. Some of her nerdy interests include, reading comics/manga, watching anime and superhero shows, and playing Star Wars Destiny. She hopes that through Cheeky Monkey Nerdom, she can share her passions through creativity to the world. Live the nerd life and stay cheeky!

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