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Colin Baker
The 6th Doctor
Tim Rose
Tom Kane
Nichelle Nichols
Verne Troyer
Maine Ghostbusters
501st New England
Maine Association of Cosplay Enthusiasts
Galactic Productions
Brenda Hickey
Paris Cullins
Bob Wiacek
The Legion of Super Heroes #220 and Al Milgrom on Marvel Presents #7-The Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel. From that time on I've inked every major title for Marvel which include The X-Men, Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, She Hulk, Man-Thing, Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four just to name a few. At DC I worked on Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Brave and the Bold, The Ray, Batman Family, Justice Society, Shazam and Challengers of the Unknown which is a small sampling as well. As far as independent publishers I did work for Dark Horse, Image, Relium Media, Archie and Valiant where I worked on Archer and Armstrong, Bloodshot and Solar.
Chris Sprouse
Sprouse launched his career in mainstream comics in 1989, his first credited work being a Chemical King story in Secret Origins #47 (Feb. 1990). His next assignments were a Two-Face story for Batman Annual #14 (1990) and the Hammerlocke limited series . He drew insert posters for the War of the Gods limited series in 1991. Following that, Sprouse drew the Legionnaires series featuring teenaged versions of the Legion of Super-Heroes . He later illustrated a number of one-shots and fill-in issues before illustrating a Star Wars mini-series, Splinter of the Mind's Eye , for Dark Horse Comics . He then worked for Extreme Studios as the regular penciller of New Men , and in 1997, Sprouse drew several issues of Supreme , scripted by Alan Moore for the same publisher. After Supreme ended, a year later he and Moore created Tom Strong for America's Best Comics , for which Sprouse won two Eisner Awards in 2000, for Best Single Issue and Best Serialized Story.
Paul Schier
Jason Narvy
Denise Crosby
Kel Mitchell
David Fielding
Kevin Nash

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